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Looking for a private party or event space in Jersey City, NJ? Look no further than Mantra Jersey City, where our large dining area can be customized for any occasion. Our Private Dining Room offers walled privacy and a large TV with Media Kit for corporate events or other special gatherings. Downstairs, our Party Hall boasts full audio/visual capabilities and can accommodate up to 40 guests. With few options in and around Exchange Place for large event spaces, Mantra Jersey City is the perfect choice for your next celebration.


We take reservations for lunch and dinner. To make a reservation, please call us at 201-333-8699 between 11am-9pm, Monday to Sunday. We do not book the bar area – we leave this for walk-in guests to ensure that we always offer some tables for those who have not booked.


Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one. Mantra’s private dining experts are more than happy to create custom floral arrangements and menu.

The Private Dining


“The Private Dining Room” features a large TV with Media Kit, and walled privacy from the main dining is available for corporate group gatherings  or other occasions.

Seat up to 20 guests

    Birthday Party decor  

The main dining


Our focus is to provide first-class service and an engaging atmosphere all across. The main dining area can seat up to 80 guests or a standing reception of 100 guests.

Seat up to 80 guests


The Nirvana Lounge


Our focus is to provide first-class service and an engaging atmosphere all across;Whether dining at Mantra, organizing a party or simply enjoying drinks at Nirvana Lounge.

Seat up to 12 guests


The Party Hall


.Downstairs in Mantra we have Party Hall with full audio/visual capabilities, i.e. TV’s and great music, this room can host a wide range of events from Office Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties to Baby Shower Parties. And your friends (up to 40 of them) will be impressed that you found the newest and coolest private-party room near Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ.

Seat up to 40 guests


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